Christmas Cocktails

You can feel it in the air - the silly season is upon us! To celebrate the holiday season we have matched 3 honey inspired cocktails by the talented bartenders over at Imbibe and paired them with each of our best suited honeys. 

The first cocktail is a honeyed take on a whiskey sour and calls for our 500+ MGO Manuka Honey as it has the depth and strength to stand up to the big flavours of whiskey and lemon.

This short and sweet earl grey tea cocktail pairs beautifully with the delicate floral flavours of our Anise Hyssop and Manuka honey as it compliments the bergamot.   
In the hot Australian weather after a long day we need something to cool us down and pick us up. Cue this tall drink of coffee gin and tonic with honey because let's face it, espresso martinis are overly sweet and have been done to death. Use our 120+ MGO Manuka honey for this one.

Whip these out at your next BBQ or challenge the bartender at your work Christmas party to make one for you. Cheers!

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