Which Manuka Honey Is Right For Me?

When choosing your Manuka honey you should consider both the intensity of flavour you prefer and the therapeutic benefits you are expecting.

120+ MGO

Our MGO 120+ Australian Manuka is a bright golden honey with a more floral flavour. Use it to help maintain a healthy immune system or as a natural sweetener, with all the nutritional benefits of raw honey.

200+ MGO

Our MGO 200+ is a luxurious amber Australian Manuka that supports natural healing and bacterial balance as well as the function of the digestive system. Add it to your daily routine; blend through smoothies, smear straight onto skin or eat it right off the spoon.

500+ MGO

The high activity of our MGO 500+ means it is exceptionally therapeutic. It can be beneficial for the skin and digestive system and helps to soothe common wintertime complaints like coughs and sore throats.